Iolite and sterling silver bar necklace

Natural Gemstone Iolite Necklace Pendant in Sterling Silver

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The iolite gemstone is said to help sailors and anyone who is lost, find their way home. The Vikings used to use slices of iolite as filters to locate the sun on cloudy days as they were navigating the waters. Hold this beautiful stone at an angle and you may discover with delight that the color changes from its rich blue-violet color to colors with yellow or colorless hues.

What better way to highlight this genuine 4mm iolite in all its glory, than by incorporating it in a classic, minimalist bar pendant necklace.

The bar pendant measures 2.7 mm in width and 2 inches in length and it hangs on a sterling silver cable chain, which is dainty, yet very durable. It is shown on an 18 inch length chain for reference.