I am Light - Hand Stamped Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet

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This sterling silver minimalist bangle is stunning in its simplicity. Like the other bangles in my collection, this piece of jewelry will always be the one you can count on to complete any outfit. Thicker than the other bangles in my collection, it can still be stacked along with others. The bracelet has been hand forged from heavy gauge wire and comes in a variety of finishes.

Great for those who have larger hands and smaller wrists, this bracelet can be opened a closed with a slight pinch on both sides. The width of the bangle is approx. 3mm.

To measure your wrist, wrap measuring tape or a piece of string loosely around your wrist. If you are using string, put it up against a ruler. Reference the size chart below to find your size:

Unsure of your size? Check out the sizing guides here: https://ruxitirisi.com/pages/resources-sizing-guides

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