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Joy Gems!

the RuxiTirisi Rewards and Referral Program!Earn gems for every purchase and $ for every referral.

Ways to earn gems:

Signup - 2oo gems

Place an order - 5 Gems for every $1 spent

Share on Facebook - 50 Gems

Follow on Instagram - 100 Gems

Like on Facebook - 100 Gems

Celebrate a birthday - 100 Gems

Ways to earn gems:

Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase

They get: $5 off coupon

You get: $10 off coupon

To sign up:

  • in the bottom right hand corner is the rewards button
  • create an account
  • start earning gems for all the different activities listed above
  • share your unique referral link with everyone you think would love the pieces
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