Hugged Stone Amethyst Ring

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The "Hugged stone" ring... take a classic faceted amethyst stone ring, texture the band and have the edges hug the stone and voila! Still minimalist but with a new take. Of course, the ring band is slightly textured on all the rings, giving me a little bit of extra sparkle.

I designed this ring to signify a safe space for one to heal from whatever challenges and hardships life throws our way. The way the metal hugs the stone is meant to portray the safe, protected space that the heart needs in order to heal. 

So if you are the one in need of a ring to remind you that you are loved and safe while you are going through things or you want to gift this to someone dear to show your support, this is the one. 

available in size 6 US 
* I can enlarge it up to 1/2 a size but unfortunately cannot size them down. This ring is ready to ship in 1-2 business days.

*** Care***

Use warm soapy water only to clean this gemstone ring. Ultrasonic cleaning and steam cleaning is not recommended. 

 *** Sizing Guide***

Check out the sizing guide here if you are not sure what your ring size is. 

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