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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming. Flowers and candy are overrated. Let’s do something different this year. Below, you will find a few great ideas to help you plan a special day for your special someone.

Ladies, send your special someone this gift guide as a little hint as to what you would like for Valentines. They will secretly thank you for helping them choose a gift that they know you will enjoy. If you are single, don’t fret. You can still do all of these things for yourself and know that your time will come and that special person is out there waiting for you.

Gentlemen, this gift guide is for you. Do you struggle with finding an outside the box gift for your special someone? Here are a few ideas to help guide your way. 

For her eyes only... 

hand stamped bangle bracelet. Classic, timeless and minimalist on the outside, this bangle looks great on its own, or stacked with other jewelry. The bangle bracelet can be customized with a hand stamped message on the inside for her (and your) eyes only. It could have a quote that has special meaning, your anniversary or your children’s names, a favorite location, or all of the above. You can customize it to your heart’s desire.  

Spa day….

You can purchase a gift card through SpaFinder and let your special someone choose a spa that they would love to go to through their website. The gift cards can be purchased online or at retailers like Target, CVS and Costco. 

Movie or Show Night

have your special someone pick a movie, maybe even suggest a chick flick movie if they are into that (you will win brownie points, I promise!)

Are they into shows? Take them out to see a show, instead.

You can skip the lines and buy the tickets online on your phone.

Special place...

is there a special place that your special person has been wanting to go to?  It could be a hiking spot, a new restaurant they have been wanting to try out or maybe even a weekend getaway.

Surprise them with making this wish come true for them. Make sure you have reservations ahead of time if the place requires it, as this will save you time and it won’t ruin the surprise.

A class

Is your special someone a DIYer? If they enjoy making things, sign yourselves up for a making class. Candle making, lotion and massage oil making classes would be something you could look into. Google “x making classes near me” and you will find some places nearby that offer these classes. As a bonus, you may be able to use these later ;)


If you really want to win bonus points and you have the time, budget and resources, do more than one thing in this guide.


I hope you found an idea or two in this Valentine’s day gift guide. Make sure to check out our other pieces, which can be found here.





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