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The name of the new collection, what it stands for and why I think you will love it

The name of the new collection, what it stands for and why I think you will love it

 So much goes into creating and releasing a new collection.

Starting with the designs themselves, then making them, photographing and creating descriptions. 

Then there is the name… I started naming my collections because they feel more personal that way. They feel more personal to me and I think they also feel more personal to you, my darling clients.

I struggled with a name for this collection. Nothing I thought of seemed appropriate or dare I even say, grand enough for what this collection embodies.

On my walk one day, as I was deep in thought, the word “LEAP” came to my mind. And it made sense. 

There are so many firsts in this collection: from techniques of making the pieces, to photography, to me sharing my thoughts and feelings with the world through the process. As a natural introvert, this last part is the hardest. But.... this collection is all about making that leap into embracing being uncomfortable, experimenting and trying new things, staying open to the outcome and learning from mistakes.

I now realize the only limitations we have are the ones we place on ourselves. If we dare to dream and want it bad enough, it will happen. It will take patience and maybe some frustration and cuss words here and there (because let’s be honest, when you do new things, that happens).

There have been some failures along the way and designs that didn’t quite pan out in this collection. And that is ok. It’s all part of the learning process.

For the ones that did make the cut, I am loving every single piece in this collection so much! If you follow me on social (and you should, if you don’t already 😉 links are at the bottom of the website) you have seen and heard the excitement since the day I announced this collection. Every single piece was created with new techniques and; in the case of my signature pieces - the open bangles; old pieces became new again.

In true RuxiTirisi Designs minimalist fashion, there are some all metal pieces, like bangles, hoop earrings and rings, which are glorious all on their own. The hand engraved patterns give these pieces a high end, sophisticated look, that is modern yet timeless at the same time.

I incorporated a few druzy stones and gemstones in new shapes, embracing the uncomfortable feeling of not being a master at setting non round shaped stones. Turns out, I placed that limitation on myself and it’s not all that different from setting round stones… for the most part.

The statement piece… oh that statement piece. In a traditional collection, the statement piece is usually the most expensive piece. For this collection, that may not be the case. Another unexpected outcome, as I knew from day one what the “statement” piece would be.

The wings necklace is the one I crowned the “queen” of this collection. The meaning behind it is the reason why... it is in opening our heart and letting our bright light shine that we find our wings. This is the first piece I designed for this collection, which occurred during the most difficult time of my life. It also challenged me immensely in terms of technique, because I had this design in mind from the beginning but had never used some techniques to accomplish my vision. I went through a few iterations before I settled on the final version of the design, which is the one you see today.

This collection is also so special to me because, in addition to the 12% of proceeds going towards fighting homelessness, I will be donating an additional 10% of the proceeds from this collection to the Loveland Foundation.

Just like diet and exercise are important for our body, therapy is important for our spirit and mind, despite the stigma that is unfortunately still associated with it. Therapy can also be cost prohibitive. The Loveland Foundation provides therapy support for women and girls of color, with a focus on Black women and girls. I truly believe that in having the courage and the access to doing this work, we can start to heal, not only our current generation, but also generations to come.  

I truly hope you love this collection as much as I do. It is officially coming out into the world on August 21st! Thank you for allowing me to share this part of me with you. I am forever grateful for your following along this journey of mine as an artist, and for your support.

Sending you so much love and light, today and always!


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