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RuxiTirisi is Hitting the Road - In Person Events for 2022

RuxiTirisi Is Hitting the Road

Well, as the title of this blog post says… I am hitting the road. 

How I came to this decision, what area I chose and why I decided on this avenue is all in the details below. Story time…

 Love them or hate them, art fairs and shows are a part of every crafter and artist’s way of life. Or they used to be until the Internet came along and facilitated transactions remotely. 

Coming out of this two year… let’s call it blip (or pandemic, whichever you prefer), where human interaction was so limited and everyone felt isolated, I felt like, after years of being online only, I would explore the avenue of getting in front of you, my customers.

I, like many, am craving that connection that much more now than ever before. I have time to make up for people :) 

After working in retail, I have a whole new understanding of what it means for customers to actually see the merchandise they are interested in purchasing in person. To be able to see it, touch it, try it on and more importantly, to be able to ask questions and give feedback.

Questions about the merchandise itself, but also about jewelry related things in general. It was in working retail that I discovered just how much I love being of service, how much I love educating and guiding when called to the task. 

For this first year, I decided to keep it local, to the New Jersey area. I am dipping my feet into the show life within driving distance of RuxiTirisi Designs HQ for various reasons but most of all because of personal ones. I want to be able to spend as much time with my toddler son as I can, which is not possible while traveling for shows out of state. So, for the time being, local it is. 

As the time of writing, I will be attending 5 juried shows in the upcoming months. More will be added as I find out if my submissions have been accepted into the other shows I applied to. So check back here or follow along on Instagram for more updates. 

Here are the confirmed shows:

May 1st - Springfest - Westwood, NJ

June 4th & 5th - Annual Spring Craft Show- Chester, NJ

June 12th - Crafts in the Park - Westwood, NJ

August 13th - Hermitage -Hohokus, NJ

September 10th & 11th - Annual Fall Craft Show - Chester NJ

If you are in the area on any of those dates, look for me. I will be there looking for you :) See you soon! 


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