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Gemstone Series - Druzy Stones

Heart shaped pendant necklace in sterling silver hanging on a cable chain

The magic of druzy stones

Druzy, also known as druse or druze is a special stone. It reminds me of the one who walks into a room full of people and everyone turns to admire her. Druses have such a classy, timeless elegance to them, they are hard to ignore and easy to admire.

how were druzy stones formed

Druzy stones are formed over the course of millions of years, as water flowed its way over silica and other minerals. The end result was this sugar like crystal surface that makes this stone so unique. Because of the way they were created, no two druses will ever be the same.

While it is mostly prevalent on quartz, druzy stones can also be found on agates, garnets and other stones. The druzy stone is available in a range of colors and shapes that are as unique as the crystal texture itself.

the allure of the stone

What attracted me to the druzy stone was that unique and timeless sparkle. That humble, yet irresistible and unapologetic, "look at me shine" vibe that it gave off. And so, I went looking for more. 

You will find a variety of shapes, colors and sizes of druzy pieces in my shop, which are one of a kind. I wanted to honor these stones by giving them their own designs and settings, which would highlight their natural beauty from a design perspective. Think of it as dressing for your body :) 

This is an ever-expanding collection so be sure to come back and check it out regularly.

Because of the delicate nature of the druzy stones, I made the conscious decision to not design rings and bracelets with this stone. Rings and bracelets will have more wear and tear as we use our hands a lot during the day.

how to care for your druzy jewelry

To clean your druse jewelry, all you need is warm water, mild soap and a soft bristle toothbrush. Let it sit in the mixture of 30 seconds or so and then gently brush it with the toothbrush. 

This method of cleaning is very gentle on your druzy stone pieces.

When you are not enjoying this piece on your person, store it away from moisture and direct sunlight. It will prevent tarnish and keep your piece looking its finest.  

Some of my favorite pieces

The Druzy Love Collection

All the RuxiTirisi druze pieces are hand crafted using natural stones. In our ongoing commitment towards sustainability and transparency, we will disclose any treatment of the stones in the individual listing descriptions. 

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